Sixth Grade Events & Activities

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The Following 6th Grade Activities Need Volunteer Coordinators

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser (Fall) – Organize annual pancake breakfast fundraiser which is hosted by the 6th Grade class at a local venue. Committee coordinates food with venue, purchases any other supplies needed for the event and organizes shifts of 6th graders to work on the day of the event (waiting tables, busing tables, etc.).

Class T-shirts (Fall) – Organize and plan a competition to determine a class slogan, artwork, and color for the 6th Grade T-Shirts typically picked by popular vote from peer submissions. Committee handles getting approvals for all by administration, coordination with an outside vendor for ordering, and distribution to the 6th Grade classes. T-shirts are worn by the students on designated days such as their Junior High visitation, class trip, etc. and for the class picture.

Talent Show (Winter) – Assist volunteer parents and teachers with all aspects of the 6th Grade talent show. Duties include: rehearsals, stage hands, organization and staffing of check-in table and concessions, etc. This is not a CB PTA event or fully organized by the CB PTA, but is supported by CB PTA.

All School Social *Organized by the 6th Grade Class* (Anytime) – Organize a school social open to all classes (K-6) at a local venue. Work closely with the venue to set up the social and have volunteers on hand to run the event. Example: roller skating night, bowling, etc.

Sports Fundraiser (Anytime) – Schedule and organize an outing with an outside vendor that is sports-related. This event could also take place at CB or other ASD building if the vendor holds on-site events or it could also be at a sports venue (ex. Phillies, 76ers, Union, etc.).

Spring Project/Fundraiser (Spring) – Organize a new fundraiser or recycle an old one. This fundraiser can be ANY CB administration approved fundraiser. Coordination and volunteer support by 6th grade students and families. Previous classes have organized a raffle baskets at spring fair, car wash, etc.

K-5 Awards and 6th Grade Recognition Ceremony (Spring) – Along with CB Administration, plan and organize supply needs for both ceremonies, printing of CB PTA awards and gift card purchases (as needed), and getting decorations for the 6th Grade Recognition Ceremony. Both ceremonies takes place in the gym during the last week of school.

Socials (All School Year) – Plan and organize 6th Grade class ONLY socials. Duties are likely to include working with an outside vendor on all details of the events. Volunteers, if needed, should be on hand to assist with the event. Examples: haunted hayride outing, bowling night, etc.

Dances (Fall and Spring) – Plan and organize all facets of two 6th Grade class ONLY dances by working with an outside vendor on all details of the events. Volunteers and chaperones should be on hand to assist with the event.

Class & Student Gifts (Spring)

Class Gift(s): Organize a gift(s) to be given at the end of year to the school and/or local community. This can be a material item or a monetary donation. Example: monetary donation to charity or material items to leave the classes’ mark on the school such as bins for recess equipment, artwork, etc.

Student Gifts: Plan and organize the end of year gifts to be given to the students. Gifts are distributed to the students during the last week of school. Example: Scientific Calculator, drawstring bags, etc.

Class Trip (Spring) – Organize and plan a class outing for 6th Grade class. Work with an outside vendor on all details of the event and transportation to the venue. Volunteers and chaperones should be on hand to assist with the event.

End of Year Party (Spring) – Organize and plan all details for (along with outside vendor such as DJ, etc.) an end of year party taking place during the last week of school. The event typically takes place in the gym.